100% Made in Italy solutions for the functional bathroom of hotels, restaurants and bars

100% Made in Italy solutions for the functional bathroom of hotels, restaurants and bars

Xilon is certainly an interesting reality in bathroom design for the Horeca sector. The quality of its 100% Italian production is matched by the concept of its ‘functional bathroom’, a precise and distinctive idea that makes Xilon as unique as it is imitated. We interviewed Franco Fulvio Colamedici, owner of Xilon, to better understand what solutions Xilon offers to the Horeca segment.

Franco, why choose Xilon for your Horeca bathroom furniture?

Our philosophy is to offer high quality products all round, combining durability, design and functionality, which for us means the ability to satisfy many practical and specific needs, even in little or no space.

We are inspired by the laundries of the past and reinterpret them according to the canons of contemporary design, to arrive at collections where aesthetics is not an end in itself, but presumes the rational use of space. “Functional bathroom’ means design in the service of everyday practicality.

What are the top collections?

There are several iconic collections that make us perform. For Horeca, I can undoubtedly mention Skema, which offers very high customization possibilities and is distinguished by a minimalist design with industrial appeal.

In addition, the washbasin made of coated Ocritech or Italian ceramics is 20 cm deep. Another very important collection is Ghost, which won the German Design Award 2020 thanks to a unique ceramic washbasin with a removable double bottom that allows the depth of the basin to be extended from 14 to 28 cm with one simple gesture.

How does so much creativity come about?

The idea of a functional bathroom drives us to create distinctive, beautiful, solid products. The Xilon washbasins, for example, are unique designs that we also create thanks to our profound culture of ceramics, acquired in an almost ‘natural’ way given that we are located in one of the leading districts in the world: Civita Castellana.

Innovation and territory: what is the true soul of Xilon?

Yes, we are deeply attached to Civita Castellana. Our supply chain is oriented towards the enhancement of local experiences and in general everything related to Italian expertise. We select our partners on the basis of quality and ethics, as we aim to create value here in our country and in our area.

We also pay attention to sustainability: thanks to a 100% energy supply from renewable sources, each Xilon bathroom prevents about 3.20 kg of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, the Monoblock in the Alluminium collection, with its nautical-inspired design, is made from recycled aluminium, which is equivalent to 923 cans.

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