Innovation and sustainability: Caffitaly at Host draws the future of single-dose coffee. and not only.

Innovation and sustainability: Caffitaly at Host draws the future of single-dose coffee. and not only.

From 22 to 26 October in Milan, Caffitaly will bring all its expertise in technological innovation, an attitude for quality and a new roadmap towards sustainability to the International Hospitality Exhibition.

Innovation, research, technology, quality and sustainability: Caffitaly arrives at Host – International Hospitality Exhibition, scheduled in Milan from 22 to 26 October. With its unique, innovative and sustainable system created to bring to the cup a taste experience never experienced before, Caffitaly has already been able to conquer thousands of Italians and establish itself in over 70 countries around the world.

Founded in 2004 in Gaggio Montano (BO), the company was able to quickly distinguish itself thanks to a strategy strongly oriented towards quality, activating partnerships with high-profile producers, such as Caffè Cagliari, Chicco d’Oro and Kimbo, focusing on internationalization – today around 70% of the capsule turnover comes from abroad and consolidating and expanding relationships with important Italian and foreign customers. A winning strategy, which allowed the company to resist the crisis and score important results and close the first half of 2021 with + 17% of the capsule value, + 48% of the machine value for a + 20% of total turnover.

The key to success? Innovation. With an annual investment of approximately 2.5 million in Research & Development, Caffitaly is constantly working in this area to increase specific skills and fuel large-scale changes capable of revolutionizing the market. And it is at HOST that the company looks to the future, presenting the latest innovations in terms of sustainability, technology, coffee and beverages.

SUSTAINABILITY. Innovation at the service of sustainability: an important step that will lead Caffitaly towards the ambitious goal of becoming the most sustainable single-serve on the market. Like? Using easily recyclable materials and also involving consumers in the different phases of the circular economy.

By the end of the year, all the capsules will in fact be single-material, made with 100% polypropylene, a plastic that is easy to recycle and reuse. Not only that: in 2022 Caffitaly will launch the first fully compostable capsules, with significant benefits for the environment. And, again in 2022, the company will work on the post-consumer phase, with innovative projects aimed at directly involving consumers in the circular economy of the product, with the separation of coffee from plastic and the creation of collection networks to arrive , in 2023, at the start of a new project to reconvert the plastic of recycled capsules into new uses for food and not.

TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION. The soul of Caffitaly is technology: a patented system that combines the technology of capsules and machines to best enhance the taste and aroma of the best coffees and hot drinks. What makes the difference is its system with double infusion and equipped with two different pressures that allow you to obtain the perfect extraction for each blend of coffee and drinks. The result in the cup is an extraordinary coffee, with a high, full-bodied and persistent crema. A result due to engineering research aimed at the continuous improvement of technology at the service of a qualitative experience of superior taste and which now looks to the development of increasingly intelligent machines that will be able to recognize the capsule, suggest washing cycles to avoid contamination of taste and indicate the right dispensing button to ensure the maximum taste experience.

COFFEE AND DRINKS. The innovation linked to the product also involves the content of the capsules. After all, Caffitaly is much more than a tech company: it is a real creative hub at the service of the consumer experience. With one clear goal: to make the best single-serve coffee in the world.

Caffitaly capsules already have a structure specifically designed to enhance the aroma of coffee, with two filters and 8 grams of roasted and ground coffee blend: the ideal dose for a true Italian espresso. But Caffitaly is already looking ahead and, with the involvement of universities and research centers, is working on the Next Generation System Cap, the capsule of the future, capable of offering coffee of even higher quality. Over time, Caffitaly has also been able to stand out for the high quality of its varied range of flavored coffees: amaretto, rum, hazelnut and mint, the Limited Edition of summer 2021. Each aroma is studied in every detail to meet the trends of the moment. and to return an authentic taste experience. Just like panettone, the protagonist aroma of the Limited Edition for Christmas 2021. Starting next year, an absolutely new range of coffees capable of responding to the new needs for consumer well-being will also be arriving.

And the excellence of Caffitaly involves in addition to coffee also other soluble drinks such as chocolate, cappuccino, mocaccino, milk-based drinks but also tea, ginseng, barley, and herbal teas, suitable for any time of day and year. Without forgetting the compatibles containing the fine Caffitaly blends, for which the company is confirmed as best-in-class, thanks to the constant search for high quality combined with attention to the environment.

«Caffitaly is growing at really important rates. The first half saw + 84% of the volumes of the machines, + 18% of the volumes of the capsules with a turnover also growing by + 20%. Not to mention the presence in over 70 countries around the world – and increasingly also in Italy where we have recently inaugurated our 100th single-brand store – and important partnerships such as the recent one with Kimbo – declared Giuseppe Casareto, CEO of Caffitaly, recently appointed by Forbes among the 100 top managers of 2021 who are leading companies out of the pandemic crisis. The engine of our growth and our strategies is undoubtedly innovation, which supports our main mission: to make the best coffee in the world in single serves. This means constantly innovating the technology of our capsules and our machines, even with long-term projects and the involvement of universities and research centers. It is thanks to this focus on technological innovation that in the next three years we will be able to launch three new machines and three new seasonal flavored ones a year and a reference in the new range of coffees with benefits for the consumer every six months. All this without forgetting our offer of compatible capsules, where we are committed to combining high quality, convenience and respect for the environment, as in the case of aluminum compatibles “continues Casareto, who emphasizes:” Environmental sustainability is the other cornerstone. of our strategies. The goal we set ourselves is ambitious: become the most sustainable single-serve on the market, starting from the use of easily recyclable materials and the involvement of consumers themselves in the different phases of the circular economy “.

About Caffitaly:
With a presence rooted in over 70 countries around the world and around 450 employees, Caffitaly is a leading company in a rapidly expanding market such as that of single-serve coffee. In 2021 the company is experiencing a real boom in revenue thanks to its innovative and unique extraction system that perfectly combines the high technology of machines and capsules, offering customers a superior taste experience, which will take it to the finish line. of 150 million euros. Caffitaly constantly invests in innovation and research to improve its offer of machines and capsules: currently the company invests 2.5 million euros annually in Research & Development. Present in Italy in the network of 1000 multi-brand stores, and with 100 single-brand stores in the area, the company strongly focuses on internationalization, with 71% of its turnover in capsules coming from the foreign market.

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